The all-in-one solution to immediately convert your offline media into online business.

From offline attention to online action

  • Easiest way to give print online capabilities
  • Connect every form of print with online surveys, contests, registration forms, coupons or ordering options.
  • Create opportunities when you have the attention of the user and turn it into action.
  • Get direct insight in the offline behavior of your target group
  • No contracts necessary, simply buy what you need
  • Proven technology with 8 years of offline activation experience
  • Best practises from leading brands such as Coca Cola, PostNL, QMusic, Mc Donalds, Quaker and many other organisations such as book publishers, movies, universities, SMB’s

Purchase a product

Purchase an all inclusive package deal or mix and match our bundles. After payment is processed you will receive a CEE CMS account including the purchased features.

Upload your Print or Video

Simply upload your images or video in our system and decide what kind of landing page you want to show after a successful scan.

Redirect or create a new page

You choose whether to redirect to you own existing web page or create a new page in our system. Our system is built for creating landing pages easy without the help of a developer.

Analyse the results

Get insight in the offline behavior of your target group.The dashboard gives you an overview of your campaigns results.
Stare of the art Image & Video Recognition technology. Either to be used with CEE App, integrate into your App or integrate into your website
Advanced analytics helping you understand how and when your audience is engaging with your offline content.
Activate your image in your account and create beautiful mobile landing pages.
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Why start today?

Consumers are bombarded with offline and online content. Attention is therefore the most valuable commodity. We offer you the tools to convert the smallest amount of offline attention into online action.

White- label, fast & simple

Because it is not about our App but about our customers, we provide a plug-in that integrates our scanning function into the App or the website of the customer. The consumer uses the App of his favorite brand to scan an image in magazine, newspaper, brochure or poster.

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Affordable pricing for everyday activation of print and video

You can either the ONE PACK or START PACK which contains all the necessary tools for activation. You can also MIX & MATCH by choosing the bundles that fit your need. Extra discount for the bigger bundles are available.

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ONE Pack


1 Activation

All Features included



10 Activations

All features included plus Scan Plug-in



per bundle

All features included + Scan Plug-in

Offline-Online connection made easy and affordable.

Start converting offline attention to online action today.