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Print VS Online

Print is not dead!

Although currently most of the attention and budgets are moving towards online we also come to realise online is not a replacement of the real world. Meaningful and tactile experiences will always be an irreplaceable characteristic of offline.

By connecting print to online you combine the best of the two worlds. Consumers who are fully engaged with your physical product and want to go deeper into the material can switch between offline and online with a single scan to have a seamless experience.

  • Offer them the convenience to directly go to the desired online location
  • Keep the readers engaged with your branded content online
Offline data
  • Gain insight in the offline behavior of your readers. When, where and what are they reading?
  • Offer online traffic to their existing online campaigns
  • Offer them an additional direct engagement channel
Added Service
  • Differentiate from your competitors by offering an valuable added value to your advertisers
  • Offline activation as an added service is a viable business model because you can get a small portion from your advertisers online marketing budget

Reward your readers in a variety of ways

Engage the readers

It's not all about sales! Your readers love to engage with your content and what easier way then to scan and vote, fill in a survey or send feedback!

Offer exclusive content

Your articles have triggered the interest of your readers and they are looking for ways to dive deeper. With a single scan they can view a video or get more specific information online.

Reward your participants

By using the scan functionality you can remove thresholds to participation in your win campaigns. Your readers can directly participate in your contest with a single scan. Make scanning fun!

Offer Convenience

Flickering through the magazine there are dozens of call to action such as "Go to our website to..." This does not work! By scanning any page readers could directly view the product of the advertisers.

Get the most out of your offline activation..


Make sure your target group notices that your product is scannable. Even more important is to clearly communicate the reason why they should scan.

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Using scanning solely to drive sales will not yield the same results as offering a multiplicity of content. By offering discounts, win games and other engaging content your audience will appreciate scanning more as tool for added value.


The more items readers can scan over a larger period of time the better the results will be. A user only has to be convinced to scan once after which he/she will notice the plurality of options to scan. By offering many possibilities to scan and being patient the readers will eventually become repeat scanners.

1.) Upload creatives you want to activate (make scannable) in your account.

2.) Create a landing page with our content tools or insert an URL.

3.) Scan the creatives in the magazine to view the landing page.

A variety of packages are available to fit your specific needs.

Monthly purchase for 1 Magazine

With 10 activations and 5000 scans you can cover one Magazine edition. This is a great way to get started. On average you are paying 349/10= € 35 per activation! You can add activation bundles and scans along the way depending on your current need.

One Year purchase for Quarterly Magazine

With 50 activations and 10.000 Scans you can activate 12 images per edition. On average you are paying 1170/50≈ € 23 per activation. Included in this deal is 8h activation service giving you the flexibility to deliver your creatives till the last moment.

One year purchase for a monthly Magazine

With 100 activations and 10.000 scans you can activate approx. 8 images per edition. On average you are paying 2242/100≈ € 22 per activationIncluded in this deal is 8h activation service giving you the flexibility to deliver your creatives till the last moment.

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Upload your creatives and set up a landing page in minutes. No html-skills required to make make your magazine scannable.


Purchase what you need. No licenses and no expiration dates. The more you buy the cheaper it becomes per activation.

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Our platform is more then an activation service for your print. You can create and analyse your mobile marketing campaigns in one place!

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