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Evert year the Cross Media Congress coupled with the Cross Media Awards is finalized by publishing the Cross Media Yearbook. This magazine is centered around the top agencies, tech companies, marketing professionals in the Netherlands who are focusing on delivering cross media solutions to accommodate the new consumer landscape. In 2019 the publishers decided to team up with Cee Platform to practice what they preach: cross media experiences are inevitable in this day and age.

The magazine contains 170 pages of which 50  pages are made scannable and lead to 50 unique landing pages which can be divided into four categories: profiles, advertisements, agencies and promo’s.

All the contestants of the Cross Media Awards have a profile picture and an interview in the magazine. By scanning their profile picture you get access to a lading page where you can connect on linkedin, follow them on twitter, call or mail them, visit their website or read their blogs.

All the advertisers have a huge focus on online and thus connecting their print media to their existing online campaigns is a very fruitful addition.

The agencies competing for the best cross media campaigns have a twofold page explaining their case. By making their page scannable they can show video content and clarify their cases even better.

With the help of scanning, interest in events and special offers in the magazine can immediately be turned into action.

NEWS ALERT: Aside from using an App to scan, from June 2019, we are offering a plugin for WordPress and other websites to integrate the scanning functionality directly in existing websites. READ MORE >>

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