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The iconic Philips business park with its huge industrial buildings are being renovated and re-purposed to house start-ups and other innovative companies. To keep the legacy of this location alive the property developer has decided to launch a campaign honoring the original Phillips employees.


The Challange

The developer has interviewed 30 old employees who had beautiful tales to share and wanted to bring these stories to the people visiting and working at this location. Their initial concept was to create a gallery with portrait photo’s of the old Philips employees and write short stories and ask the public to go online and view the video. This is where CEE Platform is at its best: whenever you want to bridge the gab between offfline and online.

The Solution

30 High quality posters with portrait photo’s are showcased within the different buildings and the audience is invited to scan these posters with CEE App. Each unique photo can be recognized with the app and will automatically show a video message after a successful scan.  Next to the video playing the visitors also have the chance to convey a message directly to the old Phillips employee.

History and Future meeting

Strijp-T has found a way to bridge the gab between the past and the future giving history the chance to tell its tale and offering a communication channel between the old and new generation.

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