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One of the most successful actresses, musical stars and presenters in the Netherlands, Chantal Janzen, has released her own media brand: &C. It consists of a monthly magazine, an online platform, a mobile App including shopping and an TV programs. The magazine called “&C” is not just a normal magazine, it’s an interactive magazine, paired with a smartphone app. How? We’ll explain!


Omnichannel Experience
Traditional magazines are losing ground to digital content suppliers. &C decided to dissolve the competition between print and digital by offering both as a seamless solution. By adding the scanning technologies of CEE Platform to &C app the app and the magazine reinforce each other by offering a seamless omnichannel experience!

Scan & Buy
The &C magazine is a fashion magazine targeting a female audience between 18-45 years old and it offers great fashion content & branded products. The product pages all contain the Scan icon which invites readers to download the App and scan to view and purchase those products. This is a great way of driving App downloads and at the same time it offers the readers a clear added value. By scanning the product pages, they can get valuable insights about their readers.

Enhancing existing Apps
We are happy to see that prominent brands are adapting new technologies to enhance consumers experience and offer the convenience of omnichannel media! Our CEE SDK is a powerful and yet very simple to install tool which can be a great addition to any existing App. The CEE SDK contains many different scanning technologies which can be put into practice: Other applications such as: Making OOH interactive, using video recognition for TV, using audio coding for radio broadcasts and scanning product packaging for tutorials, to name a few.

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