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Not all companies who reach their audience through offline media ( magazines, flyers, newspapers, billboards, DOOH¬† or TV) have an App strategy. For this reason we launched our web-based scan functionality where our clients could integrate the scan option into their website. We shared the java script and the developers could integrate it and customize it within a day. But….. again not every company has a web developer at their disposal at all times. To make matters easier we have put our efforts in serving the largest group of our customers who have built their websites in WordPress.

The CEE Webscanner Plugin was born. A super-easy to install and customize word press plugin that can be installed in 2 minutes without the help of the developer. Simple install the plugin, customize the layout and choose the page where the scanner will be initiated. All your target-group now has to do is go to this specific landing page and they can scan all your print media!

Go to Plugin Page
You decide which URL the scanner is initiated.
Upload your logo to use in the banner
The camera view is automatically initiated
Customize the colors and text